President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today ratified the sixth amendment to the Maldives Employment Act (2/2008). The amendment was passed by Parliament on Sunday, 06 September 2020, at the 33rd sitting of their second session this year.

The amendment stipulates several provisions to protect the rights of employees, such as regulations making it compulsory for all employers to provide a signed copy of the employment agreement to all employees. It further stipulates that all the employers must provide signed employment agreements to all employees within 3 months of the amendment coming into force.

The amendment also restructures the 30 days of paid sick leave granted to all employees, hereafter allowing employees up to two consecutive days (15 days annually) of paid sick leave without providing a medical certificate. It further directs the relevant Cabinet Minister to determine and implement a minimum wage for all employees in the Maldives. The Cabinet Minister is required to consult the 'Minimum Wage Advisory Board' - provisions for the creation of the board and its mandate are also included in the amendment.

Other provisions in the amendment include: setting a ceiling for the numbers of foreign workers from each country; provisions for prioritising Maldivians for employment and training opportunities; and standards for accommodations and living conditions provided by employers.

Following ratification, the sixth amendment to the Employment Act has been published in the Government Gazette.