The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has on Tuesday announced that they are now in the process of responding to complaints received concerning the temporary lists of flat applicants for H4, H5, H8 and H10 categories, following the expiry of the deadline for submitting complaints. The Government publicised the temporary lists of applicants for flats under the 'Hiyaa Public Housing Project' for the mentioned categories on 24th August 2020.
The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes also invited the public to submit any disputes regarding the temporary lists through the Committee's complaints portal before 1500hrs on 14 September 2020. A total of 3,068 submissions were received by the committee during this period. These comprise of: 2,430 complaints relating to point allocations; 140 disputes contesting point allocations for other names on the temporary lists; 57 complaints from individuals contesting the eligibility criteria for flats; 85 queries filed due to information provided under the ‘other comments’ section; 78 complaints submitted as clarifications; and 278 other miscellaneous complaints.
The Committee further stated that the final list of flat applicants for H4, H5, H8 and H10 categories will only be released following review of the complaints received through the portal.