President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared earlier this month that the Maldives’ borders will reopen on the 15th of July. The President met today with several stakeholders representing a range of institution, regarding how this can be done safely and efficiently.

Reopening borders will provide much needed relief to the country’s economically vital tourism industry, and is a major step towards helping the country recover and rebuild after COVID-19. Senior officials from a range of stakeholder institutions, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Tourism, Finance, and Economic Development; as well as the Immigration Authorities, MMPRC and MACL, updated the President on their ongoing preparatory work to meet the July 15th deadline.

Stakeholders also discussed the proposed guidelines on restarting the country’s tourism industry, prioritizing the safety and health of both incoming visitors and Maldivian residents. The guidelines encompass safety measures in place at resorts and airports, and procedures in place to screen for symptoms of COVID-19.