Your Excellency Ms Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good evening,

Ilham and I are delighted to welcome you, Madam Prime Minister, and your Delegation. It is a special privilege and an honour for us to host you on your first visit to the Maldives. Your visit has enabled our two countries to forge a partnership that would create new horizons in the relationship between the Maldives and Thailand. It is a partnership that would also create new opportunities for the peoples of our two countries to explore their entrepreneurial talents.

The relationship between the Maldives and Thailand is built on shared values and interests. We share a common interest in the economic and social advancement of our countries. That is why we work hard to expand trade and investment between us. We value individual rights and responsibilities. We collaborate at the UN and other international fora to promote international cooperation. And as our countries move towards democratic growth and look towards sustained economic advancement and stability, we face similar challenges.

I take this opportunity to applaud you Madam Prime Minister for the bold steps you have taken and the new vision you have set out for your country. And through your personal journey, you have inspired several women and men in your country and elsewhere to join politics and bring meaningful change to people’s lives.

Madame Prime Minister,

Your visit has given new vitality to the relationship between the Maldives and Thailand. The seven agreements that were signed between our two counties today will undoubtedly open new possibilities for enhancing our economic relations. In our discussions this afternoon, we reaffirmed our commitment to the enduring value of our partnership. We resolved to expand trade and investment between the two countries. We restated our desire to increase connectivity between the Maldives and Thailand. And we reiterated our will to facilitate easier contact between our peoples.

I wish for continued peace, progress, and prosperity for the friendly people of Thailand and look forward to further strengthening of cooperation between our two countries. I wish for the good-health and well-being of His Majesty, and to you Madam Prime Minister.

Thank you.