President Nasheed has called on the country’s development partners to continue their assistance and cooperation towards the government’s efforts to bring development and prosperity to the Maldives. The President made the statement in his inaugural Address at the Maldives Partnership Forum, which commenced in Bandos Island Resort today.

In his speech the President gave his assurance of his administrations’ commitment to consolidate the principles of democracy, freedom, good governance and the rule of law in the Maldives.

Highlighting the problems in our society, the President said economic issues, social issues, drug abuse, gang violence, child abuse, domestic violence, religious fundamentalism are such examples. Moreover, he said the government was determined to address these issues. He also said in while addressing these issues, we could contribute to the enhancement and development of the country.

Stressing that on 28 October 2008, the people of Maldives voted for democratic change, he noted the peaceful transition of power after the first free and fair democratic election in the Maldives. Furthermore, he said sustaining the peaceful democratic transition was now a greater challenge than economic situation. He also said that to consolidate democracy it was of utmost importance to deliver the pledges made to the people.

Reflecting on the status of the country when he assumed office, he said despite the many challenges faced by his government, many steps have already been taken to face these challenges. Speaking in this regard, he said the government’s economic policy was to reduce the size and expenditure of the government as well as to corporatize the state owned companies.

President Nasheed also thanked the international community for their assistance and cooperation in bringing democratic reforms to the Maldives.