President Nasheed has said that the integrity of the government was based on its policy decisions. The President made this statement while speaking to the people of Ken’dhikulhudhoo during his visit to the island this afternoon.

Speaking further, the President said that the government decisions should be based on long and short term fiscal impacts and fact-based.

The President also inquired about the developmental difficulties faced by the people of the island and informed on the measures that would be taken to resolve some of these issues. Furthermore, he said that the government was committed to start, as soon as possible, the developmental projects that has not het been commenced.

President Nasheed also announced that the work of establishing sewerage system in Ken’dhikulhudhoo will begin this year.

After concluding his visit to Ken’dhikulhudhoo, the President visited Kudafaree and met with the people of the island. Speaking with the people, the President said that the government’s duty was to serve the people. He also said that the government would develop the Kudafaree School and would especially provide higher education opportunities in the arts field.