The President has said that the aim of his administration was to govern the country with the support and participation of the people. The President made this statement while speaking to the people of Biledhdhoo during his visit to the island.

Referring to some of the problems faced by the people of the island, President Nasheed said the work on establishing sewage system in the island would begin this year. He also said the construction of the island’s harbour would be completed during this year. In addition, the President said, the government would build the island office of Biledhdhoo and that 50 housing units would also be built in the island. These flats would be given in an instalment basis.

Speaking to the people, the President requested of them to deliberate among themselves, and propose at least 3 plans to help the economic development of the island. He also assured the people that the government would work to achieve these plans.

President Nasheed thanked the people of Biledhdhoo for their support in the efforts to establish a good governance system in the Maldives.