Your Excellency the High Commissioner, our star and friend Salman Khan, Ministers and everyone present here:

Of course it is a happy evening. We invited Mr Khan or rather we wanted Salman Khn in the Maldives so badly not just simply because of his artistic excellence but also because of his humanitarian work.

We thank Salman Khan for coming to the Maldives, meeting the people, and also at the same time doing all the very good voluntary and humanitarian work that Mr Khan is so renowned to be doing in India. We also thank him for spreading that good work here in the Maldives.

I’m sure this is not an evening for politicians like us to be going on and on about. We have better acts and events later o in the evening.

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank GMR Infrastructure for facilitating and hosting the occasion here in Male’. We would also like to thank the India Club of the Maldives.

The High Commissioner has been complaining that he would like to see more NGO efforts in the India Club of the Maldives.

I’m sure Mr Khan, after your visit people of the Maldives, the people would actually now realise how important it is that the friendship has to go on.

Again thank you very much for coming here and thank you very much for being with us. I would like everyone to enjoy a very beautiful evening.

Thank you.