President Nasheed has said that the government plans to operate G.Dh Atoll School a single session school. He made this statement while speaking at the function held last night to mark the silver jubilee anniversary of the school.

In his speech, the President stressed the need to provide a more comprehensive learning experience for children. In this regard, he said that the government’s aim was to establish more single session schools to obtain better results.

President Nasheed also said that having qualified teachers were most important for better quality of education. He said the government planned to allocate the 65 scholarships from the Indian government to students from the atolls.

Noting the importance of having higher education opportunities in the atolls, the President said the government planned to provide degree programmes in Thinadhoo, with overseas affiliated universities. In addition, he said that the government also planned to set up a teacher training school in Thinadhoo.

At last night’s function, commemorative plaques were presented to students and alumni who had brought glory to the school. The plaques were presented by President Nasheed and Mr Mohamed Aslam, Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment.

Separately, during his visit to Thinadhoo, the President inaugurated the services of Upper South Utilities Limited at a ceremony held this morning. Speaking at the ceremony, the President said the government’s top priority was to provide basic utilities services such as water, sewerage systems and electricity to the people at affordable prices.

Focusing on the importance of providing electricity at affordable prices, the President said that the availability of energy was crucial for development. Furthermore, the President said that the government’s plan was to run all the power houses which are currently being operated under STELCO by the Utilities Companies. These utilities companies, the President said, would be managed through a public-private-partnership of the government and a private company.
At the ceremony, President Nasheed hoisted the flag of the Upper South Utilities Limited while the Minister Mohamed Aslam unveiled the name board of the company.

Managing Director of the Upper South Utilities Limited Mr Ahmed Saeed also spoke at the ceremony. He noted that the establishment of such companies and the services being provided by these companies proved the government’s commitment to deliver for the people.