President Nasheed has reiterated that his administration would execute solutions to remedy the country’s economic and fiscal situation. The President made this statement while delivering his presidential address at the annual commencement of sessions of the People’s Majlis this morning.

The President said that the primary aim of his administration was “to develop the country in a sustainable manner and provide basic services to the people without any discrimination.” Furthermore, he said that the government has now “compiled and publicised very viable economic and social policies.”

Referring to the state of the economy his administration had inherited, President Nasheed said that throughout the long tenure of the previous government, expenditure stood higher than revenue with the exception of a few years.

Speaking on the first multiparty presidential elections held in the Maldives last year, the President said the national state of affairs of last year was dire and that the Maldivian people had taken unwavering steps to change the situation. “The verdict delivered by the people was to replace the government. Today we have a new administration, a democratic system, a people’s government that respects freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and political activates”, said the President.

Stressing on the urgent need to provide basic services to the people, the President said the government did not believe that it is viable to provide these services from the government budget. Moreover, he said that these services could be provided through public private partnerships. “Our aim is to secure investments worth at least 500 million U.S. dollars to achieve theses objectives” he added.

He also announced that the government would soon submit the bill on decentralisation to the Majlis, and assured that necessary laws for decentralised administration will be enacted within the period stipulated in the Constitution.

In his address, the President also briefed the People’s Majlis on the bills that the government would propose to the Majlis. In this regard, he said the government would draw new bills which include, among others, a bill on facilitating investments and a bill on amending the Land Act. Further, he “called on this honourable Majlis to pass, as soon as possible, the penal code and criminal procedure code as they are necessary for the administration of justice in this country.”

Outlining the environment policy of his government, President Nasheed said that his government would prioritise research and experimentation in environmental and marine sciences.
In conclusion, the President said “I would like to assure my fellow citizens that this government exists only to realise your dreams and to provide a better quality of life for you.”