President Nasheed has said that Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies had been instrumental in building Dhuvaafaru as an inhabited island and thanked them for their incredible efforts. The President made the statement speaking at a meeting to officially inaugurate Dhuvaafaru of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll as an inhabited island. He also thanked the people of Kan’dholhudhoo, who were transferred to Dhuvaafaru after the 2004 tsunami destroyed their island, for their patience in the long wait for permanent housing.

President Nasheed said that the primary objective of Red Cross Society is to ensure the establishment of systems and to make arrangements to warrant the sustainable and long-term use of the facilities they build for the people.

Speaking in this regard, the President said that he was hopeful that the people of Dhuvaafaru would plan projects and establish systems to ensure that the Red Cross’ goal is achieved. Furthermore, he said that the government would establish joint venture companies in each administrative province to provide basic utility services.

President Nasheed called every child of the island to plant a tree and to look after it.
The President also visited Dhuvaafaru School and unveiled the School Library Fund. He also met with the committees and associations of the island.

The President has returned to Male’ this evening after concluding his visit to Dhuvaafaru.