As part of his tour to some islands of North Huvadhu atoll, President Nasheed has today visited Nilandhoo, Maamendhoo and Gemanafushi.

Speaking with the people of Nilandhoo, the President noted that Nilandhoo was an agricultural island and said that the government’s aim was to provide electricity to all the farms in the island. Stressing that provision of electricity was an expensive service, the President said that the government’s plan was to operate all the power houses of that atoll would under the utilities company.

After visiting Nilandhoo, the President then visited Maamendhoo. Addressing the people of Maamendhoo, the President shared with the people the developmental projects planned for the island. In this regard, the President said, the government planned to construct the island’s harbour as well as provide water and sewerage services to the people of the island.

The President said he does not wish to make any false promises in order to win seats in the People’s Majlis and assured the people that he would not do anything against the law.

The last leg of the President’s tour was at Gemanafushi. Addressing the people of the island, the President said, with the implementation of government policies the people would be able to envisage the future of their island.

Furthermore, the President reiterated the government’s commitment to bring about sustainable development to the Maldives. Noting that the biggest problem faced by the people of the Maldives was the housing problem, the President shared with the people the government’s housing policy.

The President is scheduled to arrive Male’ tonight, after concluding his tour.