Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has addressed the General Assembly in New York calling for “speedy disbursement of the promised aid” at the Maldives Donors’ Conference which was held March of his year.

The Vice President, , who is representing the Maldives’ at the UN General Assembly this year, argued that while the Maldives would be graduating form UN list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), the Maldives “also remain concerned” about the sudden withdrawal of some of the benefits afforded to LDC states.

The Vice President, however, said the Maldives wanted to adopt a development strategy that placed emphasis on greater independence and economic stability through private investment and public-private partnerships.

“Our government’s policies for privatisation, and our employment of commercial diplomacy are designed to achieve this transition,” said the Vice President. He added the economic transition in the Maldives complemented an ambitious political transition from autocracy to democracy.

In his speech, the Vice President also spoke on the Maldives’ change “from an abuser of human rights to a staunch advocate for them”.

Speaking in this regard, the Vice President the Maldives use its membership in the UN Human Rights Council to promote human rights through positive engagement, and to address the sensitivities to protect the most vulnerable.