President Mohamed Nasheed has said that his aim was to travel to all the inhabited islands in the country at least three times a year. He made this remark this morning while speaking with the people of Hoadedhdhoo of South Huvadhu Atoll.

In his speech, the President highlighted the developmental projects aimed at Hoadedhdhoo. He announced that the water and sewerage projects would begin in the island this year. In addition, he said that 25 housing units would be built in the island, which will be given in an instalment basis.

Stressing that the government was working closely with the People’s Majlis in implementing most of its policies, the President said that it was therefore, important for the government to have a majority in the Majlis.

After concluding his visit to Hoadhedhdhoo, the President visited Madaveli and met with the people of the island.

Speaking with the people of Madaveli, the President said with the implementation of government policies, we would reach our desired destination of the ‘other Maldives’. He also shared with the people of Madaveli, the government’s efforts to deliver its electoral pledges. He further, assured the people that the government would deliver its pledges to the people.

Noting that the biggest project undertaken by the government was its housing project, the President said 1000 housing units, under this policy, were planned to be built in Huvadhu atoll. Speaking in this regard, the President said that the construction of housing units allocated for Madaveli would begin in August of this year. He further said that the government would resolve the issue of Madaveli power house and also start the water and sewerage project in the island this year.