President Mohamed Nasheed last evening attended the reception hosted by Indonesian Ambassador to the Maldives Mr Djafar Husein to mark the 65th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. The reception was held at Holiday Inn Hotel.

In his remarks at the function, President Nasheed said since Indonesia gained independence in 1947, the Indonesians had fashioned a successful nation, and become a fast developing nation and a leader in the international community.

Noting Indonesia was the biggest Muslim country, he said the Maldives “look for leadership from Indonesia” in the Muslim world. Further he said, with the long history of Islam in Asia and Indonesia had experience, understanding and capability to take leadership in the Islamic world.

Speaking on the relations that exist between the Maldives and Indonesia, the President expressed his confidence that the both countries would expand their economic relations and increase the volume of trade between both countries.

The President said the Maldives and Indonesia had a lot in common, and there was much the Maldives could learn from the Indonesian experience, especially in building a democracy in an Islamic community.

Indonesia’s Independence Day is marked on 17 August.