In a message, on the occasion of International Day of Democracy, President Mohamed Nasheed has called on the people to renew their commitment to consolidating democracy.

The President’s message reads as follows:

“On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, I urge all Maldivians to renew our commitment to consolidating democracy in the country while visualizing the big picture, striving for the interest and welfare of all.

To reap the benefits of democracy, we must prioritise empowerment of women in national, political and social matters, strengthen civil society, establish a strong and proper judiciary, and implement measures to ensure respect and trust for judges.

We must remind ourselves that the development we hope for can only be achieved by inter party agreements on decentralisation and enacting free and fair local and national elections.

I wish for a better and prosperous future for us all. My prayer is for us all to be able to achieve the benefits of both the worlds.”