Thank you Mr. Prime Minister! Members of the Japanese Press Corps, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I assumed the important office of Maldives presidency last November and since then outside the region, this is my first visit. I chose my first visit to be to Japan.

As a friendly brotherly country, we are overwhelmed by the Japanese hospitality to my delegation when we arrived here in Tokyo yesterday. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister, for your Government’s hospitality.

I am pleased to announce that Prime Minister Abe and I led senior delegations of Japan and the Maldives, respectively, at a very successful bilateral Summit Meeting today, on further strengthening the existing ties of friendship and cooperation between our two countries.

Key among the areas discussed at the meeting were environmental sustainability and clean energy, defense and maritime security, fisheries and tourism, infrastructure development, communications and broadcasting, human resources development and youth empowerment, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation, as well as trade and investment. And we will be meeting with Japanese cooperate leaders tomorrow at a business forum.

Maritime security is an area that we discussed. Both sides reaffirming commitment to relevant principles of international law. I informed Prime Minister Abe that the Maldives also shares Japan’s concerns over violations of relevant UN Security Council resolutions by North Korea.

At today’s Summit, both sides also agreed to continue working closely though the auspicious of the United Nations system.

Ten years ago, the Maldives was affected by the Asian Tsunami. Japan’s response to our appeals for support and assistance in our recovery efforts was overwhelming. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister.

In 2011, Japan was struck by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The Maldivian people, keen on showing their solidarity and support for those in affected areas, donated 700,000 tuna cans to be dispatched to Japan. We were glad that we were of some assistance to Japanese when they were in time of need. To date, the response to that appeal remains a record in the Maldives – a confirmation of the special bonds of friendship between our two peoples.

I thank Prime Minister Abe and his Government for inviting me conduct an official visit to Japan and I extended an invitation to Prime Minister Abe to come to the Maldives and allow us to pay hospitality and reciprocate his graciousness of his Cabinet and his Government to our delegation.

Maldives is a favourite destination for Japanese tourists, especially the honeymooners. I assure you Mr. Prime Minister, though we are not in honeymoon period, renewable energy and renewed vigour can have second honeymoons. So Mr. Prime Minister, look forward to having you in the Maldives.

Arigatou Gozaimasu! Sayōnara!