بســم اللّـه الرّحمـن الرّحيــم


As-salaam Alaikum Warahmatullah.

It is a special privilege for me to send my sincere greetings andbest wishes to all the beloved citizens of the Maldives, on the auspicious occasion of the Eid-ul-Fitr. On this occasion, I also send greetings to all leaders and the people of Islamic countries, and to the leaders of international Islamic organizations.

Eid-ul-Fitr is a day for expressing kindness. We must allparticipate in the celebrations of this Eid, and exchange best wishes and greetings with each other. It is a symbol of the close relations that should be among us Muslims.The occasion of Eid is also one for remembering the poor and needy among us, and to extend a helping hand.

Beloved people of the Maldives:

Eid-ul-Fitr is an occasion to further strengthen the brotherly and familial relations that should be among us. It is our obligation on such a day, to renew our commitment to strengthen the relations among family members.It is very important for each one of us to meet our parents and siblings today,and spend the joyousEid together.

Today is an opportunity to set aside the differences in our hearts, and renew the relations with our family members, friends and loved ones. To renew our commitment to strengthen the relations and appreciate their friendship and compassion.To turn a new, happier page in each of our lives, following the holy month of Ramadan. That is how we can all truly belong to one family, and share brotherly bonds. This is something each one of us needs to do today.

As a number of developmental projects and programs are currently underway in different parts of the country, support and cooperation from all of us is needed to carry them out at a faster speed. The concernedgovernment offices and institutions, and the people need to work together.

The progress of the Maldives at its full speed would only take place if everyone prioritized national interestabove personalinterests. The country could move forward only when everyone joins hands and works together. Otherwise we won’t be able to move at the speed that we desire.

Beloved people of the Maldives:

The 7th of September is a very important day for the Maldives. On that day, the people will vote to elect their president, from the 11th of November to the next 5 years to come. Campaign intensity for this presidential election increases day by day. However, I appeal to all, not to do anything to create discord among the people, while campaigning. We should not spread false information ortry to defame each other. This is against the principles of a democracy. In a democracy, those standing for elections as well as supporters of candidates should show a good example to others. Refrain from any actions to encourage conflict among the people. Gain the trust of the people. Furthermore, proving to the international community that we, as a people, respect democratic ideals and strive to sustain democracy in the Maldives, is also our duty. An important responsibility. We can only maintain the trust of other countries and the international community by showing a good example in these things.

In this opportunity, I would also like to give full assurance to the people of the Maldives, that the government will do everything in its power to ensure free and fair elections this year. And also that the government will do everything in its power to prove that the elections will be free and fair. Arrangements are being made for elections monitors from other countries and international organizations to be present. This is also an important step to ensure the fairness of the upcoming elections.

I also appeal to political parties and others to prioritize the nation’s interests in their actions, while the election takes place. The country should not fall into conflict following the election. We should not fight with each other or act against the country’s interests. Everything should go smoothly. It is my hope that everything goes smoothly and result in a transparent election.

Before I conclude, I would like to extend sincere greetings on the occasion of Fitrul-Eid, to the people of the Maldives. I hope that this Eid brings happiness to all.

I pray that Allah grants us more joyous days, such as this. That we all benefit to the fullest, from the holy month of Ramadan this year. And also that we respect and value each other, as well as to increase friendship and co-operation in this country.

Wa-salaam Alaikum Warahmatullah.