In a public lecture at the University of Iceland, President Mohamed Nasheed explored the effects of climate change and possible ways to combat climate change.

He said that climate change was a very real threat to humanity but that climate deniers were pursuing a ‘business as usual’ agenda.

“A handful of emails don’t disprove overwhelming body of science,” the President added.

Speaking on the importance of taking bold measures to combat climate change, President Nasheed said that cutting down carbon emissions would not compromise the development of a nation.

Stating that “we need development but we do not need carbon”, President said that the good life that we all aspire for can be achieved only through sustainable development.

He further said that Iceland has “been able to develop without all these carbon emissions”, and that Iceland could be viewed as an excellent example by other countries, especially the big developing countries.

In his lecture, President also spoke on the need to work together to reach a legally binding climate change treaty.

President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson of Iceland also attended the lecture. In his introductory remarks, President Grímsson said that President Nasheed is “a champion of democracy” and commended his efforts to highlight the effects of climate change.

Before his lecture, President Nasheed visited the Natural Science Building of the University and sought information on the University’s geological and climate research

After concluding his visit to Iceland, President Nasheed has today visited Switzerland.