Vice President holds discussions with Regional and Atoll Hospital representatives regarding challenges faced due to COVID-19
28 April 2020
The President’s Office announces working hours during Ramadan 1441
24 April 2020
President implores public to embrace the Islamic values of kindness and generosity this Ramadan in the face of COVID-19 pandemic
23 April 2020
President discusses COVID-19 Pandemic with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh
22 April 2020
President Appeals All state Employees for Assistance in Combating COVID-19 in Maldives
22 April 2020
President Addresses MNDF on their 128th Anniversary
21 April 2020
President Discusses Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic with the Prime Minister of India
20 April 2020
President declares government offices closed from 19-30 April following lockdown of Male' area
18 April 2020
President Discusses Covid-19 Situation Over Telephone with United Nations Secretary General
16 April 2020
President Addresses the Nation Following First Positive Case of Local Transmission of Covid19 in Male' Area
15 April 2020