President Yameen's key election pledges

President Yameen is meeting the challenges we face as a nation with a visionary and comprehensive plan. What follows is a selection of the key election pledges of the Yameen Administration.

Securing a brighter future for the Maldivian youth through the creation of vast socio-economic opportunities

Empowering Maldivian women to undertake a larger role in the progress and development of the country

Providing and promoting high-quality education for all Maldivian children, in order to foster economically productive and actively engaged citizens.

Promotion of the Islamic Faith
Promoting Islamic values and principles, for the prevalence of peace and harmony in Maldivian society

Economic Development
Embarking on an ambitious agenda to transform the economy, in order to ensure a more resilient and prosperous Maldivian future

National security
Enhancing national sovereignty and protecting the Islamic identity of the country

Health Care
Guaranteeing easy access to affordable and high quality health services for all Maldivians

Providing affordable housing to all Maldivian citizens, on the principles of equality

Safeguarding the rights of all citizens to actively engage in the democratic process

Energy Needs
Harness renewable energy sources, and ensure round the clock electricity to all inhabited islands

Fisheries and Agriculture
Facilitating the development of the fisheries and agriculture sector, in order to secure a sustainable socio-economic future for the Maldivian people


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