Renewable energy is now a top development priority – Vice President
10 October 2017, Ref: 2017-310

Vice President Abdulla Jihad has stated that the Maldives’ commitment to renewable energy was not only to address climate change, but that it was now a top development priority. The Vice President made this remarks while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Ministerial Meeting of the Alliance of Small Island States on the Initiative for Renewable Island Energy.

The Vice President also pointed out that renewable energy was a central component to the Maldives’ nationally determined contributions to the conventions of climate change.

Commending the Maldives’ success as Chair of the AOSIS in 2016, the Vice President underscored the efforts of AOSIS in making the Paris Agreement happen. He also highlighted that it was the responsibility of every Maldivian to ensure that the Paris Agreement succeeds, through fully implementing the Maldives’ nationally determined contributions.

Further, the Vice President shed light on the administration’s current plan to achieving 30 percent of the daily power demand by renewable energy sources in all the islands.

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