Government will aid those affected by tornado in Addu City - President Yameen
18 May 2017, Ref: 2017-134

The Government will aid those affected by the Tornado in Addu city said President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom today.

The President's delegation of Special Representatives, currently in Addu City, are assessing damages and losses caused by the tornado that hit Hithadhoo Island on Wednesday night.

Head of the delegation, Minister of Defence and National Security, Hon. Adam Shareef Umar has formed a steering committee of 8 members to normalise the current conditions. The committee consists of representatives from MRDC, MNDF, Police, Addu City Council, WAMCO, STO, Fenaka and Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure.

"We will extend relief aid to those affected by the tornado straightaway," the President said.

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