Government Statement on NSPA’s Decision to discontinue Aasandha for Private Health Facilities
08 May 2017, Ref: 2017/04

Aasandha, the Sate Health Insurance Scheme, provides quality health services to all Maldivian citizens. The manner in which the system had been functioning of late has been identified as untenable and, within the context of providing health insurance with more value for money, it has come to the notice of the Government’s monitoring agencies that the amounts being spent on the service is not being deployed efficiently. The same agencies have also made recommendations based on global best practices.

The Government has held discussions regarding the issue with the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA). On 3rd May 2017, NSPA’s Board reached a decision to no longer cover inpatient, outpatient, laboratory investigations and scanning services from private health institutions.

Additionally, the statement issued by NSPA on 6th May 2017 to the private health institutions was not made on any recommendation of the Government to be initiated at, or before, a specific date.

The Government has now instructed NSPA to restore agreements with private health institutions. The Government has also asked NSPA to discuss ways in which to resolve the expense issues in a manner that provides better value for the state.

As such, the services under Aasandha will continue to be provided as before.


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